Sunday, 28 August 2016

Instarecipe! Honey Nut and Fruit Granola

Knee deep surrounded by countless boxes, it's safe to say that I'm very nearly packed and well on my way to university life with less than a week to go until the big move in day. As you would assume, I am a bit nervous with what to expect but I'm also so excited to see what this next step in my life brings (sorry for the cheesy cliche but it's true!) 
Saturday, 6 August 2016

Lovely Lavender Loaf with Blueberry Icing

The three L's, lovely lavender loaf... this cake has real summer vibes and is perfect for the weekend when you just want to sit outside and chill in the sunshine, and eat of course! I have dabbled with lavender in baking before, but with raspberries, it was one of my very first blog posts which I did way back in July 2014. OMG, that was over 2 years ago. How time flies! (See said post here.)

This time I thought to try it with blueberries instead and it worked just as well. I used the juice of blueberries by just mashing them with a fork and then straining. This left enough liquid to create a thick sweet layer of pinkish icing. 
In the cake itself I used only milk infused with the lavender, this gave the right amount of floral essence as any more would have been too much like your Grandma's soap.  (I also think that having little bits of flower throughout the loaf is a bit unpleasant for my liking, only to be felt like you're chomping on potpourri. ) 

But, having said that, I couldn't help myself with the decoration! You gotta have just a few scattered on top, it's too pretty to avoid! Stereotyping an' all...this is a rather girly cake, sorry Dad. ( I must say this isn't one of his personal faves to be quite honest.) Oh well, me and my mum like it.